Several animals have appeared in the Railway Series, the television series, the annual stories, and the magazine stories.



Another group of bees appeared in the episode Buzzy Bees when Thomas had to take some beehives to Farmer Trotter. Hiro advised him to go through the Whistling Woods, but Thomas decides to take the track that goes through the meadow. This caused a calamity for Thomas now the bees escaped out of their hives. Hiro then told Thomas that he can take his truck of flowers to attract the bees away from the field and take them directly to Farmer trotter.

This group of bees made numerous appearances.

The Bull

This bull was once grazing in a field close to Wellsworth when Gordon blew his whistle so loudly that it frightened Gremlin the dog, who ran into the field where the bull frightened Gremlin even more. Elizabeth was once taking this bull when Duncan frightened it with his whistle, Thomas had to also take this bull when he got stuck in a landslide and Percy had to rescue him. The bull was also grazing in another field where Max and Monty fell into while racing Buster; the bull had also frightened them and they quickly drove out of the field and drove quickly away.

Another bull appears in The Beast of Sodor. When the Fat Controller gets himself covered in snow, he wipes his eyes and opens them to see the bull standing in front of him, he runs away with the bull chasing after him, until he manages to escape and the bull finally gives up.


  • The Bull's figurine is currently on display at Drayton Manor.
  • Despite always having a ring around its nose, the bull was once seen without it's ring.



Katie is Farmer McColl's Border Collie, who often appears with him. She is timid around noisy engines when she is on her own. She often attends country shows with her owner.


  • One of Katie's models is currently on display at Drayton Manor.


Seal Family

These seals live at Black Loch and were thought to be monsters by James until Emily found them after she was blocked by a rock slide.

Their first appearance was in Emily's New Route and they were seen again in CGI in Toby's Special Surprise.



There are several dinosaur skeletons found on Sodor.

While Thomas was working at the Clay Pits, he spotted a footprint of which he thought was a monster. After James caused another landslide at the quarry, he and Percy saw the remains of the "monster" and Marion told them it was a dinosaur fossil. The complete skeleton is seen at the Town Square.

Thomas the Piglet


One of Farmer Trotter's newborn piglets took a shine to Thomas, so, Farmer Trotter named him Thomas.

He is seen in the thirteenth season episode, Thomas and the Pigs. He may have also made a cameo with the other piglets in the thirteenth season episode, Hiro Helps Out.

The Sodor Warbler


The Sodor Warbler is a rare, brightly coloured yellow bird. Bird watchers come from far and wide to see it. It now resides on a nesting pole at Bluff's Cove.

It is seen in the thirteenth season episode, Henry's Good Deeds, the fourteenth season episode, Thomas and Scruff and the fifteenth season episodes, Happy Hiro and Stuck on You. The Sodor Warbler is also seen in the 2014 magazine story, Henry's Forest, in which the forest where they live is given a protected status.

The Giraffe


The giraffe was transported from the docks to its new home at the Sodor Animal Park. Thomas was too impatient to wait for the giraffe's keeper and as a result, the giraffe would not do as it was told.

It is seen in the fourteenth season episode, Thomas' Tall Friend and again a few times in the seventeenth season episode, Steamie Stafford and the eighteenth season episodes, Spencer's VIP and Emily Saves the World.

The Snowy Owl


The snowy owl resides in the Whistling Woods and is a friend of Thomas. Toby used to be scared of the noise it made until he found out who was making the noise. Toby now thinks the bird is beautiful. The owl later appeared in the special, Tale of the Brave.

It appeared in the fourteenth season episode, Toby and the Whistling Woods. It also appeared in the seventeenth season episodes, The Phantom Express and The Smelly Kipper.

The Rat


The rat lives at the Sodor Dieselworks where it was abandoned.

It only appeared in the special, Day of the Diesels.



Seagull is Cranky's seagull friend. He is given the name Seagull (by Cranky) because he is, obviously, a seagull. Cranky once got cross with Percy for being too loud and scaring Seagull away.

He appeared in the fifteenth season episode, Percy's New Friends.

Mr. Rabbit


Mr. Rabbit is a wild rabbit who lives in the Whistling Woods. Percy once scared him away whilst trying to make friends with him. Percy later apologised to him and he enjoyed a ride back to Tidmouth Sheds with Percy.

He appeared in the fifteenth season episode, Percy's New Friends.



The Two Squirrels, referred to as Mr. and Mrs. Squirrel by Percy, are two lively squirrels who live in the Whistling Woods. Percy once scared them away, but later made friends with them.

They appeared in the fifteenth season episode, Percy's New Friends.

Mr. Bird


Mr. Bird is, of course, a bird. Percy once tried to make friends with him, but only succeeded in frightening him away. Later, once Percy had learnt how to approach wild animals quietly, he becomes friends with Percy and he enjoys a ride on Percy's buffer back to Tidmouth Sheds.

He appeared in the fifteenth season episode, Percy's New Friends.


The Lost Sheep

The lost sheep was saved by Harold after it was found stranded on a lonely hilltop.

It appeared in the fifteenth season episode, Edward the Hero.

The Cow

This cow was first seen strandard on the line in the twelfth season episode, Thomas and the Billboard, which caused Thomas to suddenly switch tracks. The cow later appeared in the fifteenth season episode, Wonky Whistle, the cow was transported to the country fair by Thomas. Unfortunately, Thomas scared the cow away when he blew his whistle at Maithwaite. It was later coaxed back into its van with the help of some straw. She was then put on display at the fair.

Farmer McColl's Ducks

Farmer McColl's Ducks were transported to the country fair by Thomas. However, when Thomas whistled to Bertie's passengers, he scared the ducks, who escaped through the open door of his van. They were later coaxed back into the van with the help of some seed. They were later put on display at the fair.

The ducks appeared in the fifteenth season episode, Wonky Whistle.


The Crows eat Farmer McColl's newly planted seeds when his scarecrow is broken. Thomas is given the job of being the new scarecrow and chases after a pair of crows. Whilst he is chasing the two crows, the rest gather in Farmer McColl's Field. Later, Thomas guards the field overnight and Farmer McColl has his old scarecrow fixed by the morning.

The crows appeared in the sixteenth season episode, Thomas Toots the Crows.

The Crab

An orange crab appeared in the seventeenth season episode, Kevin's Cranky Friend and the nineteenth season episodes, Toad and the Whale and Salty All at Sea.

Luke's Deer

Luke's Deer was first found at the Blue Mountain Quarry by Rheneas. The baby deer was very frightened of the quarry and seemed to trust Luke. The other engines try to tell Luke that the quarry is no place for a deer, but Luke does not listen to them. During a trip to Ulfstead Castle in Luke's cab, the deer spots its mother and runs to her. Luke is very sad to say goodbye to his deer friend, but knows that he can regularly visit it at the castle and is pleased that the deer is now reunited with its mother. How the deer came to the Blue Mountain Quarry is unknown. Both the deer and its mother now reside in the park at Ulfstead Castle.

Luke's deer appeared in the seventeenth season episode, Luke's New Friend. A deer, possibly the same one, was also seen in the grounds of Ulfstead Castle in the episode The Switch. A deer also appears in The Adventure Begins.

Animal Park Elephant

The Elephant resides at the Animal Park. She once escaped and was found by Charlie, but after all of his joking, no-one would believe him. Eventually, Charlie reports the elephant to Harold who takes him seriously. The elephant is found and returned to its enclosure.

The Elephant appeared in the seventeenth season episode, Not Now, Charlie! and the eighteenth season episode, Emily Saves the World. Timothy spoke about it in Tale of the Brave.

The Woodpecker

The Woodpecker is a very rare bird who was being looked for by a bird watcher. The bird can usually be found around Thomas' Branch Line. The bird watcher finally spots the rare bird at Maithwaite where it is boring a hole into a tree near the station.

The Woodpecker appeared in the eighteenth season episode, Thomas and the Emergency Cable.

The Whale

The Whale was beached at Bluff's Cove. When Toad noticed it, he tried to tell Oliver about it, but Oliver didn't take him seriously. Oliver eventually believed Toad when he spotted the whale on the beach, and the Sodor Search and Rescue Centre were informed about the situation. Butch tried to tow it back into the water, but the tide was too far out; if Butch attempted to pull the whale all the way to the water, it would die. The whale was then covered up to prevent it from being hurt by the hot sun, while Belle and Flynn sprayed it with water. Toad then thought of the idea to take the whale to Brendam Docks on a flatbed. Cranky lifted it into the water, and the whale was now able to go out to sea again.

The whale appeared in the nineteenth season episode, Toad and the Whale.