• Registration Number: BLG 1
  • Class: AEC Bridgemaster double-decker bus
  • Builder: Associated Equipment Company
  • Built: sometime between 1957 and 1962
  • Drivetrain: 4WD

Bulgy is a double-decker bus, who was once very opposed to railways.


Bulgy hated railways, and believed that some day they would all be replaced by roads. He even carried a poster on his side telling people to "JOIN THE ANTI-RAIL LEAGUE". His favourite phrase is "Free the roads!"

Bulgy tried to steal Duck and Oliver's passengers by pretending to be a railway bus. Bulgy was determined to get the passengers to Tidmouth before Duck, but got stuck under a bridge after attempting to take a short cut. His lies were exposed, and soon "nobody would believe his destination boards". Eventually he was turned into a henhouse and placed near the bridge, now nicknamed "Bulgy's Bridge".

Sometime later Bulgy was converted back into a passenger bus. When Thomas was making unscheduled stops on his branch line with Bertie's passengers, He was running late with his trains, so Sir Topham Hatt decided to bring in Bulgy to help take care of the extra passengers until Bertie came back from being mended.


Bulgy was a very cold and cynical double-decker bus. He firmly believed that the roadways were superior than railways, and would occasionally lie to get himself out of trouble. After being restored, he saw the error of his ways and changed his attitude.

However, even though he means well nowadays, he still appears to be against railways as he was heard shouting “Down with railways!” as he passed Thomas on the level crossing, but the Fat Controller makes sure that he is on his best behavior.


Bulgy is based on an AEC Bridgemaster double-decker bus. Bulgy's Friend and the Special Bus Service are also members of this class.


Bulgy was previously painted red and cream, but after becoming a vegetable bus he was painted green and cream. Prior to this, he had a sign on his left side reading "Railway Bus" and another sign on his right side reading "JOIN THE ANTI-RAIL LEAGUE". He also has signs on his front and back, reading "FREE THE ROADS" and a nameplate above his rear door. When he was repainted, the signs on his sides were replaced with green ones reading "MOBILE GROCERY STORE" in white. In the twenty-first season, he was repainted back into his red and cream livery.


Voice Actors


  • Bulgy has a special nameboard that was shown only on airings in Japan. 
  • Even though Oliver states that he only calls Bulgy such in his debut episode, his nameplates still read Bulgy. 
  • According to the clearance sign that appears on the bridge in the Railway Series and the Television series, Bulgy is approximately 14 feet and 9 inches tall.
    • This means he is the first character in the franchise with a confirmed height. 
  • Bulgy and Diesel are apparently good friends.
  • Bulgy's model (in original red livery) has been put on display at Drayton Manor. His front bumper has been removed and his left side (viewer's right) has been cracked.
  • Bulgy uses Dunlop brand tyres.
  • In the UK narration, Bulgy develops a nasally voice in the seventh season.
  • According to the magazine story, Playbus, Bertie and Bulgy are cousins.
  • The Official Website states that he is now a refreshment stand. However, this could be a mistake.
  • In magazines, he has been converted into a playbus and a greenhouse.
  • When he returned in CGI he had a few changes:
    • His face and bumper became smaller.
    • His wheels became thinner.
    • His radiator and wheel arches became red.
    • His "FREE THE ROADS" signs have become destination boards, and the sign with his name above his rear door has become a nameplate
    • His headlights have been moved lower to his bumper.
    • A door has been added next to the passenger seats directly behind the driver's.
    • His rear hubcaps became the same as his front ones.
    • He gained a new horn sound.


  • ERTL (discontinued)
  • Wooden Railway (reissued 2010; discontinued)
  • Motor Road and Rail (both liveries; discontinued)
  • TrackMaster (green livery; discontinued)
  • Take-Along (discontinued)
  • Tomica
  • Thomas Engine Collection Series (discontinued)
  • Trading Cards (discontinued)
  • My Thomas Story Library (discontinued)
  • Limited Edition Collection
  • Wind-up (green livery; Japan only)
  • Nakayoshi (red and green; only available with Caroline; red discontinued)
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