Besides Cranky the crane, they are several other Cranes that are used around the harbours of Sodor to lift heavy cargo from ships and other things.

Big Mickey

"Big Mickey"

One large model of a crane, recycled from Big Mickey's model from TUGS, has been used since the third season and was animated so that it could appear past the switch-over in the CGI series. The crane's model was first seen at Knapford Harbour in the third and fourth seasons and was then seen at Brendam since the fifth season. "Big Mickey" was also used as a character in the seventh season episode, Edward's Brass Band. He was used as the crane lifting up the ship's boiler and knocking over Edward, although he was never referred to by name.


"Big Mickey" is based on a 19th-Early 20th century 350-ton hammerhead crane. Big Mickey most closely resembles the US Navy "League Island Crane" which was the world's largest crane in 1920.


Miniature Cranes

Some miniature cranes used as background stock from TUGS also started appearing in the television series from the third season onwards and they were animated to appear past the switch-over in the CGI series. The cranes were seen across the island of Sodor in different locations mainly used at the harbours of Sodor. One of the miniature cranes is currently on display at Drayton Manor.


  • ERTL (discontinued)


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