Cronk-ny-Braaid, or the Hill in the Valley, more famously known as Cronk, is named so as the town was built on a curious rocky outcrop in the centre of the valley leading to the heart of Sodor.


This incredibly defensive structure led to its development into a fortified town. A (now ruined) castle was built here in the twelfth century.

Cronk is roughly halfway along the North Western Railway's main line between Barrow and Tidmouth.  

Kevin Volley was stationmaster of Cronk Station around 1960.

In the television series, it made an appearance in the Jack and the Sodor Construction Company episode Mud, Glorious Mud and made appearances in the sixth season episodes A Friend in Need and Jack Jumps In, and in an eighth season learning segment as well as the music video Navigation. It was mentioned in the Jack and the Sodor Construction Company episode, A Happy Day for Percy and the seventeenth season episode, Gordon Runs Dry.


  • Wooden Railway


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