Crovan's Gate is a town near a narrow gap in the hills that is the only practicable route into the centre of Sodor from the east. The town's station is the terminus of the Skarloey Railway and the location of the Works, where the North Western Railway engines go to be repaired. The town's motto is "Ave amicos cave hostes", which, tran slated, means "Welcome, friends; beware, enemies".


The Works are possibly the best equipped for steam engine restoration in the British Isles - they are capable of any repair, overhaul, or restoration job for any locomotive on the Island. The Works can also manufacture steam engines and Sir Topham Hatt has been looking into the possibility of manufacturing parts for engines on heritage railways.

In the television series, the Works did not appear to be located at Crovan's Gate until Hero of the Rails where the Sodor Steamworks replaced it entirely.

The town's motto is "Ave amicos cave hostes", which, translated, means "Welcome, friends; beware, enemies".


The Works Diesel once came from here to help James. It is unclear as to whether or not it actually is based here though.

The terminus, sheds, and yards for the Skarloey Railway are located here.

In the CGI SeriesVictor works here at the Sodor Steamworks.

In the Television Series

The Works were located at several places around the Island other than Crovan's Gate. Since Hero of the Rails, the Sodor Steamworks replaced it entirely and is located back at Crovan's Gate meaning the area has appeared quite regularly because of the frequent use of the Steamworks.

Crovan's Gate appeared as a three part station with four standard gauge platforms and two narrow gauge ones. The station only appeared in the fourth, eighteenth and twentieth seasons as well as in stock footage during the seventh season. It was also used to represent one of the stations on the Mid Sodor Railway in the fourth season episode, You Can't Win and a mainland station in the eighteenth season episode, Last Train for Christmas.


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