Deltamac is a distribution company based in Hong Kong and has distributed most Thomas and Friends DVDs in China.


  • 65th Anniversary
  • Bust My Buffers
  • Blue Mountain Mystery
  • Day of the Diesels
  • Edward the Hero
  • Holiday Express
  • James in the Dark
  • Kevin the Steamie
  • Last Train for Christmas
  • Merry Christmas Thomas
  • No More Mr. Nice Engine
  • No Snow For Thomas
  • Percy's Parcel
  • Pop Goes Thomas
  • Race to the Rescue
  • Scruff's Makeover
  • Sing-a-Long
  • Sing-a-Long 2
  • Sing-a-Long 3
  • Sing-a-Long 4
  • Slippy Sodor
  • Snow Tracks
  • Spencer the Grand
  • The Afternoon Tea Express
  • The Great Discovery
  • Thomas' Crazy Day
  • Toby's New Whistle
  • Whiff's Wish

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