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"You'll be laughing on the other side of your boilers soon, silly steamies."
— Diesel 10, Misty Island Rescue, hinting his return in Day of the Diesels
Diesel 10
  • Class: BR Class 42 "Warship"
  • Designer: British Railways
  • Builder: BR Swindon Works
  • Built: 1959
  • Configuration: Bo-Bo
  • Top speed: 90 mph

Diesel 10 is a diesel with a roof-top, hydraulic claw, which he calls "Pinchy."


At the end of Misty Island Rescue, unbeknownst to the steam engines, Diesel 10 was seen on a cliff overlooking the Sodor Search and Rescue Centre threatening them.

In Day of the Diesels, he later tricked a lonely Percy into helping him take over the Sodor Steamworks. When Percy had a falling-out with Thomas, Diesel 10 used him to attempt to have the Sodor Dieselworks repaired. After convincing Thomas to go to the Dieselworks, Diesel 10 had Percy lead him and the other diesels to the Steamworks. When they arrived, Diesel 10 betrayed Percy and took over the Steamworks. He retained the comedic humour that could be seen in Thomas and the Magic Railroad; for example, when he rolls back into his shed, the doors close on him too early, leaving him stuck for a few seconds before he goes all the way back into the shed and the doors close completely.

When Percy went to the Dieselworks to rescue Thomas, Percy saw that sparks from "Pinchy" had set the main shed ablaze. After saving Thomas and putting out the fire, Percy led the steam engines to the Steamworks. After a brief argument between the engines, the Fat Controller arrived. Percy told him that the diesels needed a new Dieselworks, so the Fat Controller had the steam engines and diesels work together to rebuild it.

Diesel 10 is now in charge of the Dieselworks, but Den and Dart run it when he is not around.

In the seventeenth season, Diesel 10 was stealing Christmas decorations from the Steam Team at Tidmouth Sheds with Paxton's help because he thought no one liked diesels. That afternoon, Percy caught him stealing the last of the decorations and bravely raced after the evil diesel in an attempt to get the decorations back, enlisting Edward, Thomas, James, Henry, Gordon, Toby, and Emily to help him. After taking back the decorations, Paxton told Diesel 10 that Sir Topham Hatt gave them a truckload of decorations for the Dieselworks. At the end, he decided to give the Steamies back the decorations, though most of them were crushed by Pinchy, so to compensate, he gave them the diesels' decorations because they considered Sidney to be a good enough decoration.


Diesel 10 is an evil, conniving, bullying, and psychotic monster. He absolutely despises steam engines, and would call them taunting names like "puffball" and "teapot." He is Sodor's strongest but not quite largest diesel, his power being enforced by his slightly malfunctioning claw, Pinchy. He can use this deftly, and is even able to use it to make a sculpture. Pinchy, though, seems to have a mind of its own, as it has been shown to "punch" Diesel 10 in the face from time to time, which he hates very much. All engines, steam and diesel alike, fear and respect him.

Despite his aggressiveness, he will help on occasion since Sir Topham Hatt brought him back, but only when it suits his personal interest. He has a caring side, but he very rarely shows it.


Diesel 10 is a BR Class 42 "Warship" with an added non-regulation hydraulic claw.


Diesel 10 is painted olive green with tan stripes.


Television series


Voice Actors

  • Matt Wilkinson (UK/US; Misty Island Rescue onwards)
  • Rupert Degas (UK/US; Misty Island Rescue; original cut only)
  • Takaya Kuroda (Japan; Misty Island Rescue only)
  • Ryōta Yamasato (Japan; Day of the Diesels only)
  • Yohei Nishina (Japan; seventeenth season onwards)
  • Christoffer Staib (Norway; Misty Island Rescue only)
  • Simen Sand (Norway; Day of the Diesels onwards)
  • Jürgen Holdorf (Germany; Misty Island Rescue onwards)
  • Dariusz Odija (Poland; Day of the Diesels onwards)
  • Gerardo Reyero (Latin America; Misty Island Rescue onwards; except Day of the Diesels)
  • Pasi Ruohonen (Finland; Misty Island Rescue onwards)


  • According to The Real Lives of Thomas the Tank Engine, Diesel 10's hydraulic claw, Pinchy, is an illegal modification. Among other reasons, it makes him too tall for the British loading gauge.
  • Diesel 10 only appeared in specials and movies until the seventeenth season, where he appeared in an episode for the first time.
  • Diesel 10 has never been seen pulling any sort of rolling stock.
  • Diesel 10 has had a few modifications throughout the television series. These include:
  • In early concept art, Diesel 10 had his name painted on his side. In addition, his claw bucket was smaller, his arm was designed differently, and he had three brakepipes, whereas his final model only had one.
  • He has never been seen with an operator or driver.
  • Diesel 10 has the same horn sound as Phillip and Filmore from Theodore Tugboat.
  • His ERTL model depicts him as a BR Class 40 (like D199) with added claw.


"You'll be laughing on the other side of your boilers soon, silly steamies."

- Diesel 10, Misty Island Rescue, foreshadowing his return in Day of the Diesels

"The Steamworks is ours now!"

- Diesel 10, Day of the Diesels, taking over the steamworks


  • ERTL (discontinued)
  • Wooden Railway (normal and talking)
  • Brio (discontinued)
  • Take Along (discontinued)
  • Take-n-Play (normal and talking)
  • Motor Road and Rail (normal and talking; discontinued outside Asia)
  • TrackMaster (normal and R/C versions)
  • Thomas Engine Collection Series (discontinued)
  • Mini Die Cast Collection (discontinued)
  • Thomas Town (discontinued)
  • Capsule Collection
  • De Agostini (discontinued)
  • Tomica
  • Trading Cards (discontinued)
  • Nakayoshi (discontinued)
  • Wind-up Trains (normal and metallic)
  • Pocket Fantasy (discontinued)
  • Boss (normal with Tar Tanker and pull-back; discontinued)
  • Mega Bloks (discontinued)
  • Collectible Railway
  • Push Along
  • Minis (classic, spooky, and DC super friends)
  • Bath Toys (as water scoop)
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