Don Spencer
 was a director for Thomas & Friends. He directed part of the eighteenth season, The Adventure Begins and, so far, nineteen episodes of the nineteenth season (ten as a solo director, and nine with Dianna Basso) for Arc Productions. He departed the studio in May 2015.

Episodes Directed

Season 18

  • Duncan and the Grumpy Passenger
  • Marion and the Pipe
  • Missing Gator
  • No Steam Without Coal
  • Spencer's VIP
  • Toad's Bright Idea
  • Long Lost Friend
  • Last Train for Christmas
  • Duncan the Humbug
  • The Perfect Gift
  • Emily Saves the World
  • Timothy and the Rainbow Truck
  • Marion and the Dinosaurs
  • Samson at Your Service
  • Samson Sent for Scrap
  • Millie and the Volcano

Season 19

  • Who's Geoffrey?
  • The Truth About Toby
  • Lost Property
  • Henry Spots Trouble
  • Toad and the Whale
  • Very Important Sheep
  • Salty All at Sea
  • Den and Dart (co-director)
  • Helping Hiro
  • Snow Place Like Home (co-director)
  • The Beast of Sodor (co-director)
  • A Cranky Christmas (co-director)
  • Diesel's Ghostly Christmas Part One (co-director)
  • Diesel's Ghostly Christmas Part Two (co-director)
  • Wild Water Rescue
  • Slow Stephen
  • Two Wheels Good
  • Reds vs. Blues
  • Best Engine Ever (co-director)
  • The Little Engine Who Raced Ahead (co-director)
  • Philip to the Rescue (co-director)


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