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Down by the Docks is a song from the sixth season. A new music video was made in 2015 using footage from the CGI Series as part of Thomas' YouTube World Tour; this version was slightly shorter. It was later re-released and performed by Robert Hartshorne in the nineteenth season episode, No Help At All.



Down by the docks, that's the place to be,

Down by the docks, gateway to the sea,

Down by the dockside, we are the team,

Working together, just like family.

Down by the docks, you're never on your own,

Down by the docks, it's really home from home,

Down by the dockside, down by the dockside.

Down by the dockside, is where we want to be.


Chief Diesel at the docks,

He's the tough guy. He's the one who sorts the trucks.

He's the one to see, in emergencies...

He's the one to see.

Tirelessly working, never complaining,

Part of the dockside team...


Looking down on everyone,

Always working. Lifting cargo by the ton.

And he's up so high, he can reach the sky...

Part of the dockside team.

Whatever the weather, you'll see him out there,

Part of the dockside team...



Who have crossed the seven seas,

Sailing homeward. Bringing all and sundry.

And the trade winds blow their ships back home...

Safely to the shore.


Down by the dockside, down by the dockside

Down by the dockside, is where we want to be.


No Help At All version



  • The scene of Thomas, Percy and the Post Train was used twice and was mirrored at the end.
  • The Audio CD version of this song is low-pitched.
  • In the CGI version, the lines "We are the workers/stoking the boilers/of Sodor's industry" are omitted.
  • This is the first song from the Classic Series to have a CGI music video.
  • This was the first Thomas and Friends song to be sung in an episode.


  • In the scenes of the men dancing, the man in the blue-striped shirt and the man in the green jacket switch places for a second.

In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese みなとにいこう Let's Go to the Harbour

Home Media Releases


  • Thomas' Train Yard Tracks (low pitched)


  • Thomas and Friends Sing-a-Long (Taiwanese DVD)

Music Video

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