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"I know, Sir, my birthday flag. It just might be big enough!"
Duncan and the Hot Air Balloon

Steve Asquith


Simon Spencer


Mark Robertson


Michael Angelis
Michael Brandon
Pierce Brosnan
(original cut)

Air date

September 15th,
2008 (UK)
November 12th,
2008 (AUS)
December 20th,
2008 (US)

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Saved You!

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James Works it Out

Duncan and the Hot Air Balloon is the eleventh episode of the twelfth season.


Duncan is disappointed to learn that instead of taking the Percival twins on a special train ride for their birthday, they will be having a ride in the hot air balloon. When Duncan collects the balloon, he is told to go carefully. But when he comes across some bumpy track, the balloon becomes untethered. Duncan slyly bangs into the balloon, causing it to float away. However, when the weather-vane on Mr. Percival's house tears a hole in the balloon, Duncan sees the error of his ways and owns up to Mr. Percival. Duncan collects the balloon repair man, who has little hope of repairing the balloon until Duncan suggests using his birthday flag.




  • This episode aired before Mighty Mac in Australia, meaning the audience wouldn't know who Mr. Percival is.


  • The tracks through the narrow gauge shed do not have buffers.
  • In one scene, Peter Sam has Duncan's CGI face.


In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
French Le Montgolfière The Hot Air Balloon
Spanish Duncan y el Globo Aerostático Duncan and the Hot Air Balloon
Portuguese Duncan e o Balão Duncan and the Flask
German Duncan und der Heißluftballon Duncan and the Hot Air Balloon
Italian Duncan e la Mongolfiera Duncan and the Hot Air Balloon
Catalan Duncan i el Globus Aerostàtic Duncan and the Hot Air Balloon
Indonesian Duncan dan Balon Udara Panas Duncan and the Hot Air Balloon
Croatian Duncan u Balon Duncan and the Balloon
Czech Duncan a Horkovzdušný Balon Duncan and the Hot-Air Balloon
Slovak Duncan a Teplovzdušný Balón Duncan and the Hot Air Balloon
Polish Damian i Balon Duncan and the Balloon
Chinese 邓肯和热气球 Duncan and the Hot Air Balloon
Korean 던컨과 열기구 Duncan and the Hot Air Balloon
Thai รถเที่ยวพิเศษของดันแคน Duncan's Special Bus

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DVD Boxsets


  • The Party Surprise (DVD)
  • Thomas and Friends Volume 44 (Thai DVD)





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