"Have a rest, Thomas. You deserve it."
— Percy
Early Bird

David Richard Fox
(original episode)


February 1st, 2012

Early Bird is a magazine story, illustrated using photographs from the CGI television series.


Thomas finished his work for the day and decides to find Percy, but the little green engine is nowhere to be seen. The Fat Controller tells Thomas that Percy is undergoing repairs and that Thomas will have to deliver the mail. James thinks that Thomas should ask for Percy's advice about how to deliver the mail, but Thomas does not agree.

Thomas' first stop was the quarry. He blew his whistle loudly to let everyone know he had arrived; he did not realise that Mavis was still asleep. At the docks, Thomas peeped even louder to signal his arrival. This time he woke up a rather unhappy Cranky. Later that day, Thomas returned to the quarry. He was surprised to see a workman shouting; Mavis had not lined up her trucks correctly under the hopper. Thomas was puzzled; Mavis never made mistakes. What he did not see was that Mavis was so tired that she had fallen asleep. When Thomas arrived back at the sheds, the Fat Controller was waiting for him. He was cross because everyone had been too tired to work. Thomas concludes that it will be best to ask for Percy's advice after all.

The next morning, Thomas sets off early to complete his mail rounds. This time he was as quiet as a mouse and did not blow his whistle once. When Percy returned to the main station, he congratulates Thomas for a job well done. Thomas does not hear him for he is so tired from delivering the mail that he fell asleep.