Gerardo Reyero (born October 2nd, 1965) is a Mexican voice actor who provides voices in the Latin American narration of Thomas & Friends.

He is best known for voicing Lord Freiza in "Dragon Ball Z", Spritz T. Cat in "Samurai Pizza Cats", Reverend Lovejoy from "The Simpsons", Cyclops from "X-Men: The Animated Series", Meta Knight from the "Kirby" anime, Tuxedo Mask from "Sailor Moon", Devimon from "Digimon Adventure", the Chief from "T.U.F.F. Puppy", Han Solo from the "Star Wars" franchise, and The Candlemaker from "The Book of Life".



  • Both he and Hideo Ishikawa voiced Jushiro Ukitake from "Bleach" in their respective languages.
  • He, along with Masashi Ebara and Robert Missler voiced Might Guy from "Naruto" in their respective languages.
  • Both he and Salty's Lighthouse voice actor Ian James Corlett voiced Mikado Sanzenin from "Ranma 1/2" in their respective languages.
  • Both he and Tommy Kenter voiced Tuxedo Mask from Sailor Moon in their perspective languages.
  • Both he and Simcha Barbiro voiced Lord Frieza from "Dragon Ball GT" in their respective languages.