Glenn Wrage (born in Burbank, California, May 25th, 1959) is an American actor and voice actor who provides voices for several characters in the US version of Thomas & Friends.

He appeared in various televisions shows, films, commercials, and video games, such as "Aliens vs. Predator", "Chop Socky Chooks", "Mirror's Edge", "Gerry Anderson's New Captain Scarlet", "007 Legends" and " Saving Private Ryan".






  • Both he and Rupert Degas voiced characters together from "Chop Socky Chooks".
  • He has appeared in the same series of "Doctor Who" along with Kerry Shale and Simon Fisher-Becker. ActorsMichael Brandon, Miranda Raison, John Hurt, Tom Stourton, Martin Sherman, Nigel Plaskitt and Olivia Colman also had roles on the show. Togo Igawa also had a role in one of its spin-offs "Torchwood". Maggie Ollerenshaw also worked on an audio drama based on "Doctor Who". Diego Brizzi, Tesshō Genda and Dariusz Odija also did dubbings for the show.
  • Both he and Martin Sherman voiced characters from "Spirit of the Forest".
  • Both he and Jules de Jongh provided voices for the Electronic Arts/DICE video game "Mirror's Edge" with de Jongh providing the voice of main character Faith Connors and Wrage as her mentor Mercury.

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