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This article is about the episode. You may be looking for the book or the magazine story.
"Umm... Gordon? Have you got your, uh, brakes on?"
"Well, take them off, will you? How can I push you with your brakes on?
— Paxton and Gordon
Gordon Runs Dry

David Baas


Ian McCue
Halim Jabbour


Andrew Brenner


Mark Moraghan

Air date

6 June 2013 (UK)
6 October 2013 (JAP)
8 October 2013 (US)
10 October 2013 (AUS)
22 October 2013 (NZ)
15 March 2014 (HUN)
13 September 2014 (NOR)
4 November 2014 (GER)

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Wayward Winston

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Gordon Runs Dry is the fourth episode of the seventeenth season.


At Knapford, Gordon is waiting impatiently for Percy to shunt his express coaches. He is only made more upset when Thomas suggests that he should fetch his own coaches. Gordon claims express trains are more important than local trains because local trains stop at every station.

Meanwhile, Paxton is pulling a stone train from Blue Mountain Quarry. Before he reaches the junction to the main line, the signal turns red. He avoids a near collision with Gordon, but one of the rocks from his train bounces off Gordon's boiler. Instead of allowing his crew to check over the damage, Gordon hurries away to stay on time. Gordon's boiler begins to run dry, but instead of filling up on water, he passes by the water tower. However, he cannot help but think about water when he passes a lake and a stream.

Eventually he does stop to fill up, but his passengers complain about being behind schedule. At Wellsworth, Henry makes fun of Gordon for being late. Once again he passes by a water tower instead of filling up, but a little further, he cannot help but stop. On his way with the local, Thomas notices a trail of water on the tracks that lead to Gordon. They conclude that the rock had put a hole in Gordon's boiler.

Thomas takes Gordon's express passengers and Paxton shunts Gordon to the Steamworks. At first Gordon keeps his brakes on, embarrassed that he has to be shunted. After being repaired, the engines still make fun of him for letting his boiler run dry.


A man's voice is also heard over a station speaker. He is voiced by Keith Wickham in both versions.



  • Some fade effects are missing in both the UK version and the televised US version.
  • Stock footage from the previous episode is used. 
  • This is the first time that Tidmouth, Crosby and Cronk have been acknowledged/mentioned in the CGI series. 
  • When Gordon is naming the stations, they are in the order in which they would appear on a map of Sodor.
  • This episode's plot is similar to the magazine story Too Hot.
  • Going by production order, this is the second episode of the seventeenth season.
  • In the Norwegian and Australian versions, the scene where Gordon admits his mistake to Thomas and Paxton uses a different camera angle, and an extra shot of Paxton trying to push Gordon is added. Gordon's lamp is present in all these shots, while it is not seen in the rest of the episode. This is also used on the UK DVD release of Railway Mischief and the PBS broadcast of the episode.


  • The Bird Watcher is one of the passengers in Gordon's express, but when Paxton is pushing Gordon to the Sodor Steamworks, the Bird Watcher is standing on the platform at Kellsthorpe. Also, an elderly man who boarded Gordon's train at Wellsworth is standing on the platform at Maron. A young boy can also be seen on the train, but is later seen stood on the platform at Wellsworth.
  • The hole in Gordon's boiler moves throughout the episode.
  • After the first close up of the grumpy passengers Gordon whistles, but no steam is seen coming out from his whistle.
  • Gordon's bogie wheels should not spark when he puts his brakes on.
  • After Gordon leaves the first water tower, there is no coal in his tender.
  • When James says "Watch out for flying stones," his face slightly moves.
  • When Thomas first arrives at Knapford, the bookstall appears to be missing.
  • For most of the episode, Gordon is running under North American directional rules.


In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
German Gordon verliert Wasser Gordon Loses Water
Japanese ゴードンのこわれたボイラー Gordon's Broken Boiler
Norwegian Gordon går tom Gordon Runs Empty
Polish Gabryś bez wody Gordon Without Water
Portuguese Gordon Secou Gordon Dried
Spanish Gordon se Queda sin Agua / Gordon en el Dique Seco Gordon Runs Out of Water / Gordon in the Dry Dock
Russian Вода для Гордона Water for Gordon
Ukrainian Гордон пересох Gordon Runs Dry
Hebrew גורדון מתיבש Gordon Dries
Hungarian Gordon kiszárad Gordon Dries Up
Italian Gordon Resta a Secco Gordon Runs Dry
Serbian Gordon je presušio Gordon has Dried Up
Romanian Gordon Rămâne Fără Apă Gordon Remain Without Water
Greek Ο Γκόρντον δεν έχει νερό Gordon Has No Water
Czech Gordon na suchu Gordon Dry
Thai กอร์ดอนแห้งเหือด Gordon Dry

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