Great Waterton is an old town, deep in the Sudrian forests north of the Skarloey Railway, that Thomas rediscovered in The Great Discovery. It only appeared in The Great Discovery and the twelfth season. It was later mentioned in Tale of the Brave.


Great Waterton got its name from the fact that it served a water works, which supplied water for all the other towns on Sodor. When the very first steam engines came to Sodor, it was the Island's main town and rail hub. It was served by Sodor Tramways, which delivered the coal for the water works until the tramway was closed. The water works then closed down and many people moved away from Great Waterton. Great Waterton became lost until Thomas discovered it while trying to find another route to the wharf. To celebrate Sodor Day, Sir Topham Hatt decided to have the town restored, with all the engines on Sodor and the Sodor Construction Company involved in the project. Now, Great Waterton is beautiful again, as it once was.

The Sodor Construction Company later helped erect a bandstand.


  • Some of the Great Waterton buildings are on display at Drayton Manor.



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