Heave Ho! is a UK/AUS DVD featuring seven twelfth season episodes narrated by Michael Angelis.


When a big, brash engine called Hank comes to Sodor, it's Thomas' job to show him around the island. Before he takes Hank on his tour, Thomas must do some important jobs. Hank tries to help but Thomas quickly dislikes the big new engine's enthusiasm and refuses to let him. Overloaded Thomas soon cracks a cylinder and needs help. Will Thomas let Hank help him finish his jobs? Will the engines become friends?

Watch this and other Thomas & Friends episodes on this Great DVD!


  1. Thomas and the Billboard
  2. Steady Eddie
  3. Rosie's Funfair Special
  4. Mountain Marvel
  5. Henry Gets It Wrong
  6. Heave Ho Thomas
  7. Toby's Special Surprise


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