Jem Cole

Jem Cole is Trevor's driver and George's owner and is a good friend of the Vicar of Wellsworth. He dresses in typical farmer clothing with a brown fedora, a red vest, white button down shirt, and brown trousers and black rubber boots.


Jem, along with Farmer Trotter and others, was a part of the rescue team which found Duke. He seems to be very knowledgeable about road steam traction, as he has also driven George. Jem Cole is a skilled mechanic, as he restored Elizabeth. As of the eleventh season, he appears to be working as a farmer and has grown a grey beard. In the fifteenth season, he was seen fishing with a little boy in the Whistling Woods; this could possibly be his son or grandson. In Day of the Diesels, he helped to extinguish a fire at a barn. In the sixteenth season, he helped to put out another fire, this one at The Fat Controller's Shed.

He has previously worked as a railway ganger.

He has his own yard at Killaban.

In the Thomas Saves the Day PC game, he owns a work shed at the bottom of Gordon's Hill, where Elizabeth rests.


Television series



  • From the ninth season to the eleventh season, Jem Cole used Old Bailey's face mask. His previous face was reused for Jeremiah Jobling in seasons 4-6.
  • Jem Cole's appearance changed slightly in the third season, most noticeably his eyes.


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