Lamps are devices that engines use at their front to light their path at night or in dark conditions. Tail-lamps are red lights hung on the back of engines and brake vans so they can be seen from behind.

Almost all of the North Western Railway, Skarloey Railway and Arlesdale Railway steam engines are fitted with white "Sudrian" headlamps, which are usually placed on either the right lamp-iron or the top of their smokebox. Steam engines from the Mainland, such as Flying Scotsman and Spencer, are fitted with LNER headlamps, while diesel engines are usually fitted with built-in lamps. Most of the engines are fitted with electric lamps, allowing them to turn the lamps on and off at their own will.


  • In the television series:
    • From the seventeenth season onwards, all the engines started gaining permanent headlamps and tail-lamps at the request of railway consultant Sam Wilkinson.
    • The engines do not use head codes for their lamps.



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