Laura Beaumont
is an episode writer for Thomas and Friends. She frequently collaborates with Paul Larson, and they are both head writers for "Fireman Sam". They are also currently head writers for "Bob the Builder" with James Mason. Other credits include "Mike the Knight", "Bob the Builder", "Construction Site", "Horrid Henry", "Angelina Ballerina", and many others. She is the wife of the British actor, Bill Oddie.


The episodes were co-written with Paul Larson.

Season 17

  • Steamie Stafford
  • Henry's Hero
  • The Thomas Way
  • The Phantom Express
  • No Snow for Thomas
  • The Afternoon Tea Express
  • No More Mr. Nice Engine

Season 18

  • Not So Slow Coaches
  • Flatbeds of Fear
  • Emily Saves the World


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