Mail Coaches

Mail Coaches, Mail Trucks, or the Post Train, known as Mail Cars in the US, are used to run a special night train pulled by Thomas or Percy, but in recent seasons, the train is pulled in broad daylight. Since the seventeenth season, however, the train seems to be pulled primarily at night again. Percy is almost always in charge, although other engines take the train on occasion.

Occasionally, the mail is carried in open-wagons or on flat trucks.


The mail coaches are based on British Railways and Southern Railway CCT wagons. The Utility Wagons also have this basis.


  • From Hero of the Rails onwards, "SODOR MAIL" on the sides is replaced by an envelope with wings.
  • Four mail coach models are currently on display at Drayton Manor. One used to be on display in Canada at Nitrogen Studios.
  • From season 1 to season 5, the Mail Coaches in the TV series were made out of Tenmille gauge 1 Utility van kits. These kits are still made by Tenmille today. From season 6 onwards, the Mail Coaches were scratch built.



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