Maithwaite is a station on Thomas' branch line. It is located between Elsbridge and Hackenbeck.

The exact location of the station was quite a mystery until 2014, when a map from a Japanese King of the Railway booklet cleared it up. A map from a Blue Mountain Mystery bonus feature showed it situated in the east of Arlesburgh, but the map probably mistook it for Marthwaite.

It made its first appearance in the fifth season and has appeared in every season since, except the seventeenth. 


  • Maithwaite has gone through several changes in the television series:
    • In Hero of the Rails and the thirteenth season, Maithwaite was a dark brown colour. From the fourteenth season onwards, it returned to its original beige colour.
    • In the fifth season, Maithwaite had one track running through it, but from the sixth season onwards it has had two.
    • In the eighteenth season, the sign on the station platform disappeared.
  • Toby once said that Maithwaite was his favourite station.
  • Maithwaite was once the winner of the Best Dressed Station award.
  • Since Hero of the Rails, a poster of Emily at Black Loch from the eighth season episode, Emily's New Route is seen on the side of the station. There is also a poster of the Fishing Village near the front door.
  • Maithwaite used to be on display at Nitrogen Studios.
  • In the sixth season the station building had an overhang. This is most likely because the station building for Killaban used in Thomas and the Magic Railroad was repainted.
  • Tidmouth Bay also reused Maithwaite's building.