"I'm number one!"
"No, I'm number one!"
"No, I'm number one! I come first; Max and Monty! Nobody says Monty and Max!"
"Well, you just did and I like the sound of it! Maybe it will catch on!"
"I don't think so!"
"I think so!"
"I don't think so!"
"I'm number one!"
"I think you're not!
— Max and Monty arguing with each other, Mucking About, twentieth season
Max and Monty
  • Numbers: 15 and 16, respectively
  • Built: 1959

Max and Monty are devious and troublesome dump truck twins.


Max and Monty once teased Percy and Alfie about the "One-eyed Truck", and were convinced that they were being chased by it until they knew it was actually Thomas.

In Sodor's Legend of the Lost Treasure, they helped to construct the Harwick Branch Line. When Thomas led the others down the new branch line, they were seen beside the track with some workmen.

In the twenieth season, they were into racing and they dumped their loads off of the Rail Under Road Bridge and Signalbox and onto the railway line which caused Thomas to derail.


Max and Monty are usually devious and cause trouble for everyone they come into contact with. They are known to cause trouble, but are sternly scolded by Miss Jenny or any other form of authority when they are found out. Despite being unruly and obnoxious at times with dangerous stunts, they both have a good side – somewhere – and do their work like everyone else.


Max and Monty are based on 1959 Euclid Dump Trucks.


Max and Monty are painted red with grey dumpers. Their numbers are painted on the sides of their cabs in white. Max has a thick front bumper, whilst Monty has a "two pipe-type" front bumper.



Voice Actors



  • Rasmus Hardiker (UK; twentieth season onwards)
  • Rob Rackstraw (US; twentieth season onwards)
  • Hayato Fujii (Japan; twentieth season onwards)


  • According to Robert Gauld-Galliers's concept art, Max was originally going to have a grey pipe shaped bumper. He was also going to have silver wheel arches, and his lamps would have been on those.
  • Monty made his debut in the spin-off series DVD based primarily on the Sodor Construction Company.
  • In the CGI Series, they increased in size. The design of Monty's bumper also changed.


  • Wooden Railway
  • Take Along (discontinued)
  • TrackMaster
  • Wind-up (Max; Japan only)
  • Mini Die Cast Collection (Max; discontinued)
  • Thomas Town (Max; discontinued)
  • Nakayoshi (Max; discontinued)
  • Take-n-Play (with Harvey)


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