"I'll not let it happen again..."
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"I'm invisible, or can't you see? Who said that, you ask. Its only me! You looked surprised, but have no fear. Its just a little trick to make myself disappear!"
— Merlin singing, Journey Beyond Sodor


  • Number: 783
  • Class: LSWR N15 Southern Railway "King Arthur"
  • Designer: Robert Urie, Richard Maunsell and Oliver Bullied
  • Builder: Eastleigh Works
  • Built: Sometime between 1919-1926
  • Configuration: 4-6-0

Merlin is an upcoming character who will be introduced in Journey Beyond Sodor.


When Thomas travels to the Mainland, he befriends the experimental engines, Merlin, Theo and Lexi. Merlin sails through life, full of confidence, believing that he has the ability to become invisible. He promises to help Thomas find his way back to Sodor. Later, the experimental engines come to rescue Thomas and James when they are trapped in the Steelworks.


Merlin is based on the Southern Railway "King Arthur" class. Like Merlin, the real No. 783 (called Sir Gillemere) was fitted with three stovepipe chimneys as a wartime experiment. The way the smoke was spread out was meant to make the trains less visible to bombers overhead.


Merlin is painted grey, has a red running board and black smoke deflectors. He has red and gold nameplates on either sides. His number is also painted white on his front bufferbeam, the sides of his cab and tender.


Television Series

Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends


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  • Thomas and Friends Adventures (coming soon)
  • TrackMaster


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