Music Videos first materialised during the third season in 1992 as an idea by Britt Allcroft. These music videos all featured their own songs, mainly sung by children. From 1994-2003, the songs were based on the theme tunes of a specific character, place, or type of job that the engines would do, which were both composed by television series veterans, Mike O'Donnell and Junior Campbell. Several have been released on CD as audiobooks or music albums.

After Mike and Junior left the series after twenty years, Robert Hartshorne began composing the music for the series, while Ed Welch wrote the songs, both starting from the eighth season in 2004. When Ed Welch left in 2009, Robert Hartshorne was left to compose the songs on his own. However, in 2011, Peter Hartshorne, Robert's son, helped him score Day of the Diesels.

The music videos are known for using clips from the series along with deleted scenes which would not be seen in the episodes themselves. Some music videos have specially-shot footage, which would only happen if the song did not have the required clips from the archives.

Season Twelve

Hero of the Rails

Season Thirteen

Misty Island Rescue

Season Fourteen

Season Fifteen

Day of the Diesels

Season Sixteen

Blue Mountain Mystery

King of the Railway

Season Seventeen

Tale of the Brave

Season Eighteen

Thomas' YouTube World Tour

The Adventure Begins

Season Nineteen

Sodor's Legend of the Lost Treasure

Season Twenty

The Great Race

Journey Beyond Sodor

Season 21

Big World! Big Adventures! The Movie

Season 22

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