Several types of 4-wheeled Narrow Gauge Coaches have been used on the Mid Sodor and Skarloey Railways in the television series.

Talyllyn Railway Coaches

Talyllyn Railway Coaches

These coaches resemble the ones used on the Talyllyn Railway. They have been used since the sixteenth season.

Duncan once took his coaches and the coaches meant for Skarloey's train, to make more room in order to please a grumpy passenger.


These coaches are painted cherry red with orange frames and white lining.


These coaches appeared on the Talyllyn Railway in the Railway Series and in annuals. In the television series, they first appeared in the sixteenth season on the Skarloey Railway in the CGI Series.

The Railway Series

  • The Little Old Engine
  • Very Old Engines
  • Great Little Engines

Television Series

  • Season 16 - Don't Bother Victor!
  • Season 18 - Duncan and the Grumpy Passenger, Duncan the Humbug and Emily Saves the World


  • They are out of scale compared to the real Talyllyn Railway coaches and the interiors have not been rendered at all. However, there appears to be a separate render for interior shots.
  • These are the only narrow gauge coaches thus far to appear in the CGI Series, excluding Millie's carriages.


Green Narrow Gauge Coaches

These coaches are four-wheeled coaches with open sides, which were seen on theSkarloey Railway and the Mid Sodor Railway in the television series.


These open air coaches are mainly used on sunny days for tourist trains and excursions. They were a part of Duke's Picnic Train on the Mid Sodor Railway.Rheneas pulled one of these coaches during a school excursion.

Once, Mighty Mac accidentally derailed one of them and pushed it into a mountain. This caused a rock slide and the passengers had to help lever the coach back onto the rails. Duncan and Peter Sam took the Percival Twins for a train ride on their birthday using one of these coaches.


They are painted green with cream windows. A blue version of this type of coach can be seen in the My Thomas Story Library book, Mighty Mac.


They first appeared in the fourth season and last appeared in the twelfth season. In the fourth season, the coaches had faces. After this the coaches were faceless.


  • The wind-up models are repainted from Annie and Clarabel's models.
  • The coaches resemble Ada, Jane and Mabel from the Railway Series, but with added roofs.
  • Whenever these coaches had faces, their ends were entirely cream-coloured. However, if they did not have faces, the green stripe on their sides was continued onto their ends.


  • Wooden Railway (discontinued)
  • Motor Road and Rail (discontinued)
  • TrackMaster
  • My First Thomas (discontinued)
  • Wind-up
  • Mini Die Cast Collection (connected to Duncan; discontinued)


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