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"You look like a big red wobble on wheels!"
— Charlie to Flynn
Race to the Rescue!

Sharon Miller
(original episode)


7 January 2013

Race to the Rescue! is a Thomas Story Time book.


Flynn's road wheels have been wobbly, so Thomas takes him to the Steamworks to have them fixed. Flynn is worried, thinking that his wheels may always wobble. Thomas assures Flynn that they will not, but Flynn is still worried, even after Victor had finished fixing his wheels.

Later that day, Flynn decides to try out his road wheels. He rolls onto the road, but his worries make him go all wobbly. He wobbles all over the road. Just then, Charlie chuffs by and laughs at Flynn, calling him a "big red wobble on wheels". This makes Flynn feel very silly indeed. Charlie then tells Flynn that there is an emergency; the Fat Controller's shed is on fire. He then tells Flynn that the Fat Controller has instructed that he uses the road to get to the scene faster. Flynn glances down to his wobbly wheels and decides that he does not want to take the road.

After Charlie races off, Flynn wobbles back onto the rails and races to the rescue. On the way, Flynn has to wait at a level crossing. Soon afterwards, he has to wait for a signal to turn green. Flynn is now concerned that he will be too late.

When Flynn finally arrives at the fire, the Fat Controller is very cross at Flynn for coming on the rails. Flynn looks around at the crowd of people. To reach the fire, he will need to go on the road, but he is too worried about being called "a big red wobble" again. Then some children shout "hooray for Flynn" and "he's Sodor's hero". The crowd cheers for Flynn, which makes him feel brave instead of worried. Flynn races onto the road and speeds to the shed. With his strong water-jets, Flynn douses the flames until they flicker out.

The Fat Controller praises Flynn and says that he is glad that the fire engine's wobble has gone. Flynn is surprised to see that the Fat Controller is right; he is no longer "a big red wobble". When the Fat Controller calls him a "big red hero", Flynn's wheels start to wobble again, this time with joy.




  • It is said that Flynn puffed, but Flynn cannot puff.