The Steam Team is the name of the group originally consisting of the eight core characters of the New Series, first implemented in the eighth season. The group currently consists of ThomasGordon, James, Percy, TobyEmily, Nia and Rebecca. Stanley was briefly part of the Steam Team in The Great Discovery.



  • Toby and Edward are the only members of the Steam Team who do not have berths at Tidmouth Sheds.
  • James is the only member to have been the main antagonist in a special, doing so in Tale of the Brave.
    • As of the twentieth season, James is also the first member and only male to have the same voice actor in both english dubs.
  • According to SiF's interview with Sam Barlow, Duck was going to be part of the Steam Team. However, while "Calling All Engines!" was in production, the crew had to make room for Emily in order for a female character to have a more prominent role.