Stefan Ashton Frank
is an American voice actor and singer. He is best known for voicing in the video game "Blade", various characters from "The Amazing World of Gumball" and Speedy in the US version of "Chuggington". He also does narration voiceovers for various commercials and television, including Channel 4 and "Robot Wars"



  • He worked on the film "Spirit of the Forest" along with Glenn Wrage and Martin Sherman.
  • He, alongside Kerry Shale and Teresa Gallagher voiced characters from "The Amazing World of Gumball". He also took over Rupert Degas' role of Gaylord Robinson after he left the show.
  • Both he and Hiroshi Iwasaki voice Speedy McAllister from "Chuggington" in their respective languages.
  • Both he and David Menkin voiced characters from "Battlefield: Bad Company".
  • Both he and Jules de Jongh voiced characters from "Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit".

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