Breakdown Cranes
Works Unit Coach

The Breakdown Train is composed of two cranes, two flatbeds, and a carriage for the workmen.


The Breakdown Train is pulled to accident scenes to lift engines, coaches, and trucks onto the rails. The train is painted dark green and is manned by workmen.

Since Rocky's arrival, the Breakdown Cranes have been rarely seen, but the works unit coach - in several colors - has regularly appeared in the CGI series.

The Breakdown Train returns in The Adventure Begins, with both cranes gaining different colours and faces while also being named Jerome and Judy. Additionally, the works unit coach is now painted orange-brown, its Railway Series livery.


Television series



  • The Breakdown Train's model is currently on display at Drayton Manor, although the flatbed underneath the crane's hook is absent.
  • In the UK dub of the game Trouble on the Tracks, the Breakdown Train is referred to as the "Breakdown Truck."


All merchandises but Hornby had only one crane and flatbed and without the works unit coach, although it was sold separately in TOMY.

  • ERTL (discontinued)
  • Wooden Railway (two versions; both discontinued)
  • Take Along (discontinued)
  • Motor Road and Rail (breakdown train with Mavis; works unit coach with Harvey; discontinued outside Asia)
  • TrackMaster (discontinued)
  • Hornby (three versions; discontinued)
  • Thomas Engine Collection Series (motorized; discontinued)
  • Departing Now (discontinued)
  • Nakayoshi (discontinued)