The Coaling Plant, also known as the Coal Mine is a combined coaling plant and mine. It appeared regularly until the CGI switchover.

The Site

Situated northeast of Wellsworth, the coaling plant is where all the standard gauge steam engines collect their coal. It also has a Diesel refueling station.

The Truck Hoist

One of the machines at the Coaling Plant is the truck hoist. This is where the coal trucks are unloaded. It is dangerous for engines to go on it. However, Henry accidentally pushed Percy onto the Truck Hoist and Toby was pushed by Diesel onto the truck hoist when the steam and Diesel engines were fighting each other. Later, Percy used it to hide from Thomas.

The Mine

In the fifth season, the coaling plant had a mine next to it. A train of trucks got stuck on a mechanism at the mineshaft's entrance. Percy gave them an extra-hard shunt to get them moving, but pushed them too hard. The trucks came off the rails, crashing into a support beam. This caused the mine to collapse, destroying the trucks. The mine was evacuated and has not been seen since.


  • The coaling plant caused some issues with Christopher Awdry, as originally there was no coal mine on Sodor and all the coal was imported from the mainland.

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