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— Thomas going over the bumpy track
The Lost Puff

Davey Moore
(original episode)


January 2nd, 2014



The Lost Puff is a Thomas Story Time book.


One day, The Fat Controller warns the engines about a damaged section of track. All of the engines listen carefully except for Thomas and Paxton who are laughing at a duck. The Fat Controller points out the danger to the two locomotives once more.

Later, Paxton arrives at the broken track. As he rolls over it, Paxton's radiators rattle. Paxton thinks it is great fun and gets Thomas to give it a go. Thomas reverses up the line to get a run up and collides with Toby who is taking on water. The water pours all over Thomas, which puts out his fire. Paxton, thinking he will be in trouble, races away.

At the shunting yard, Paxton overhears Toby telling Stafford that Thomas had lost his puff. Paxton thinks this sounds very serious and sets off to find Thomas' lost puff. Paxton sees a puff of steam and chases after it, only to discover that it is Gordon pulling the express. Next, Paxton spots a fluffy cloud in the sky and sets off after it. Paxton follows the cloud to Ulfstead Castle where he meets Stephen who informs him that it is merely a cloud. Paxton feels foolish and decides to consult Victor about the lost puff; Victor knows all about steam engines.

At the Sodor Steamworks, Paxton asks Victor if he has any puff to spare. This makes Toby laugh. Toby explains that puff just means "steam" and that the water had put out Thomas' fire. Paxton cheers up when he hears that Thomas will be fine after his firebox dries out.

Later, Paxton meets Thomas near the water tower. Paxton tells him that he has learned two things today; that puff is just another word for steam and that when the Fat Controller tells him not to be silly, he should obey the order.