This article is about the 2012 magazine story. You may be looking for the episode, or the DVD.
"Well done, Thomas! You'd make a great keeper, too!"
— Sir Topham Hatt
Thomas' Tall Friend

Thomas & Friends 644


Sharon Miller
(original episode)


July 4th, 2012

Thomas' Tall Friend is a magazine story illustrated using images from the CGI television series.


One morning, Thomas is told to go to the Docks. When he arrives, Cranky tells Thomas that he has to take a giraffe to the Animal Park. Percy and Edward are a little jealous of Thomas' special delivery; they only have leaves and apples to carry. The giraffe is loaded into a truck and Thomas is so excited that he forgets to wait for the giraffe's keeper.

Thomas had not gone far when he has a problem; he needs to chuff under a bridge, but the giraffe is too tall. Thomas tries to tell the giraffe to sit down, but the giraffe will not listen. Then Edward pulls up with his truck of leaves. Thomas asks Edward if the giraffe can play with the leaves. Thomas thinks if the giraffe is happy then he will listen. Still the giraffe will not lie down.

Later on, Percy passes with his truck of apples. Thomas asks if the giraffe can eat some of the apples. Soon the giraffe has eaten all of the apples and he falls asleep. When Thomas arrives at the Animal Park, the giraffe will not wake up. The Fat Controller and the Mayor are very annoyed; they want to see Sodor's new arrival standing tall. Thomas feels bad, but he knows what to do. Thomas takes the giraffe back to Brendam Docks where he collects the giraffe's keeper.

The giraffe listens to the keeper's every word and they soon arrive back at the Animal Park. The Fat Controller is very pleases and he says that Thomas would make a good keeper too.




  • The speech marks are missing when Thomas says "Perhaps the giraffe would like them".