Vans (Boxcars)

Salt Vans

There are various different vans on Sodor, which are used to carry goods and other materials, and transport them across the island. They are similar to the trucks, although they are enclosed with sliding doors. In the US, they are referred to as boxcars.

Fish Vans

These vans are used to carry fish and sometimes salt, and produce them all across the island. They are often used on the Norramby Branch Line by Arthur. They are mostly used by "The Flying Kipper", as they are very useful for carrying fish.

Salt Vans (also known as fish vans or ice vans), are used to carry fish, and are often used in fish trains. They are also a frequent sight on the Norramby Branch Line.

The salt vans first appeared in the second season, and were used frequently until the twelfth season. However, they later returned in the special, Journey Beyond Sodor.

Circus Vans

Owned by the circus, these vans are the most colourful vans on the island. They are used to carry special equipment for the circus. These vans are also quite popular with the engines, and they always want to pull them.


Generic Vans: The generic vans are painted in a range of colours, mostly orange, brown, grey etc. In the CGI Series, all the vans were painted beige.

Chocolate Vans: The chocolate vans are painted in different shades of brown, with the Mr. Jolly's Factory Chocolate logo on them in both sides,

Firework Vans: The firework vans are painted in dark colours, like dark green, dark brown and dark yellow. In Season 8, they had fire hazard logos on them in both sides, but in Season 11, they were replaced with the Sodor Fireworks logo.

Ice Cream Vans: The ice cream vans are painted cream, with the Sodor Ice Cream Factory logo on them in both sides.

Fish Vans: The fish vans are painted brown and white, though some of them are also painted grey.

Circus Vans: As being the most colourful, the circus vans are painted in varieties of blue, red and yellow. They also have the circus logo on them in both sides.


The van varieties are mostly BR 12 ton single vent goods vans with corrugated ends. The fish trucks are based on the 10 ton salt wagons.


  • Since the eighth season, all the vans were faceless.
  • In the UK narration of The Great RaceEmily says the term 'boxcars' instead of 'vans'.


British Railway Vent Vans

Fish Vans

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